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STRIVE is currently working in order to support several projects aimed at helping the local community. If you would like to assist with any of these projects, please contact us or donate.

Temporary Housing Network  There are currently no homeless shelters in Pensacola that will accept openly transgender individuals. LGBT+ people face an increased risk of homelessness and an increased risk of harassment within shelters. Many LGBT+ people have to hide who they are in order to find housing or risk their safety. In order to help alleviate this issue, we have created a network of trans-friendly housing for individuals who need a place to stay for a while. The COVID-19 pandemic has made finding hosts for the program increasingly difficult while also exacerbating the need for housing, so we are in need of more volunteers willing to temporarily house transgender people in need. If this is something you are interested in, please send us a message through the contact page!  

LGBT+ Shelter STRIVE, alongside Pensacola Osteopaths and Pridesacola, have joined together to implement assistance to the issue of LGBT+ homelessness. As of right now, there are no shelters in Pensacola that openly accept transgender individuals. Together, we have decided to work towards buying a multi-family unit at transforming it into Pensacola's very first LGBT+ shelter. This is a huge and very important project we are undertaking that would allow homeless LGBT+ people in Pensacola and the surrounding areas a safe and permanent place they can go. Right now we are in need of donations for the project. If you would like to donate, please go to the official GoFundMe page. While it is a high goal, any amount will help.

For more information on this project, please visit the website linked here.



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