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Strive (Socialist Trans Initiative) is an advocacy organization centered around serving transgender people. We provide moral and material support to trans people who need it -- through emergency housing, allocations for medications (primarily Hormone Replacement Therapy), food, transportation, and any other items needed for our survival. We organize for our liberation because we cannot rely on corporations and capitalist politicians to do it.


We are not a 501c3 or any sort of registered non-profit; we are a grassroots organization that relies entirely on the people to provide us with what material support they can, and in turn, we redistribute that back to trans people who need it. We have an Emergency Housing Program, we allocate money for medications and doctor's appointments to trans people to maintain good health, and we do anything and everything we can to support our own peoples’ endeavors within the community. We host educational events, write letters of solidarity, publish our own zines, and participate in direct actions in order to make our voices heard. No one will amplify our voices but us. No one will free us, except us. No one for us, but us! Victory to all trans, non-binary, and other gender persons around the world!

STRIVE meets every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m CST at End of the Line Cafe (610 E Wright St, Pensacola, FL). Anybody is free to attend these meetings.


The President of Strive since January, 2017.

An agender Marxist-Leninist and activist from Birmingham, AL. Pronouns are they/them/their.

The Treasurer of Strive since January, 2017. She is demigirl and demisexual. She has a bachelor's in psychology and a wiener dog named Guinness.


The Social Media Coordinator of Strive since January, 2017. She is a black, demigirl, asexual panromantic from Pensacola. She also loves rave music.  


Ever wonder what we do? Strive provides needs-based services to primarily Transgender people in Pensacola and surrounding areas. In addition, we actively  participate in calls to action, rallies, protests, and events centered around supporting marginalized and oppressed groups. The specific services we provide include:

Emergency Housing




(Hormone Replacement Treatment)

Prescription Coverage

Minor Medical Co-Pays

Food Allocations


Mental Health Service


Social Work Service


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